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Cannabis Sorten: Indica, Sativa und Ruderalis - leafly.de Hohe THC- und hohe CBD-Konzentration: Cannabis-Indica-Sorten weisen einen hohen Gehalt an THC und CBD auf. Die Cannabiswirkung zeigt sich hier beruhigend.

THC: 1.65mg CBD: 3.33mg  The CBD content of this strain ranges widely from 12-21%. Delta-9 THC content is below 0.3%, which is required for it to be considered a true hemp strain. 10 May 2018 Charlotte's Web is perhaps the most famous high-CBD strain due to the worldwide news coverage of Charlotte Figi, for whom the strain was  This is a classic CBD Indica, with solid compact buds, which may not appear thick, but will amaze you with their weight. Kama Kush CBD has a higher CBD to  CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of traditional sativa-dominant Moby Dick, used for pain and muscle spasm relief, depression, and creative focus. 3 Jan 2020 A high CBD/low THC strain called Charlotte's Web ushered in the use of CBD as a treatment for pediatric seizures, as CBD has helped  20 Apr 2017 I also couldn't find any trace of a strain called Banana Clip on the web, strains you find on the street, and indicates THC and CBD content. Lineage: Cherry Lime Haze x (Hindu Kush x Hillbilly Haze) Description: Large calyxes with purple hues laden with OG Kush and grape Cherry CBD #95. Florida strains also include High CBD Strains and CBD only strains.

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OG Kush is popular strain throughout the world for it's strong effects as a THC plant, but it changes dramatically as a CBD enriched version, CBD OG Kush. Still with the effects of THC, but with a freshness and clarity that is quite high for the normal Kush line. Good yielding plant that does not stretch too much.

Cbd og leafly

Find information about popular Marijuana strains, reviews & photos available in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge and other cities as well.

Cbd og leafly

Heavy and lethargic, this cross between OG Kus Leafly Strain Explorer Information about effects is sourced from Leafly customer reviews. Cannabis affects individuals differently, so you may experience different effects. Customer-reported information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

Cbd og leafly

Usually, OG genetics come forward with a mix of musky cheese, sour citrus, as well as diesel and earthy flavors, but this particular OG strain has spicy notes of garlic, citrus, and pine. Lemon Garlic OG is a balanced strain, so there’s some THC in there that will get you a little high, but overall this mellow strain is a lemony treat for all CBD lovers. CBD OG Weed Strain Effects & Reviews | Leafly I grew CBD OG out side in coastal damp every night area in Humboldt County. Sprayed it once a week with Serenade one day,kelp extract mixed with compost tea the next day. Never had a mold or insect problem,(also had pots of marigolds and tons of wild flowers nearby to help diversify the insect popul White Fire OG Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly White Fire OG, also known as WiFi OG, has uplifting and comfortable cerebral effects. This strain combines the best features of its parent strains: the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White, leaving the plants covered in a dusty snowfall of crystals. Many p Blackberry OG CBD Weed Strain Effects & Reviews | Leafly Discover Blackberry OG CBD weed and read reviews of the effects and feelings cannabis consumers report from this marijuana strain.

Cbd og leafly

Description: Napali CBD is a balanced THC/CBD strain. With 4 to 8% THC and 8 to 12% CBD, this product will produce little to no psychoactive effects. 16 Feb 2019 Rose OG is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a distinctly floral scent, one that adds a bit of aromatherapy to your smoking or vaping  strain information and behind-the-scenes images of our cannabis products. Ambition.

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Ambition. [Blue Dream]. Dried Cannabis. THC: 21%. CBD: 0%.

Always seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. Photos of CBD OG Weed Strain Buds | Leafly See photos of CBD OG cannabis buds. Browse user-submitted photos of CBD OG weed and upload your own images of this marijuana strain. Leafly - YouTube Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. We make finding the right strains & products and where to get them fast, simple, & comfortable. OG Kush Strain (2020 Full Review) - MarijuanaBreak Final Thoughts: OG Kush Strain Review. We hope that you found this OG Kush review to be not only entertaining, but also educational and informative.

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